Our customers meet with Ryan Rothman, President and owner of RHR Pools, Inc. for personalized custom design and consultation.

Upon approval of design, homeowner meets with Ryan to complete final review and detail consultation, signs contract, and pays small deposit.

Blueprints are then fabricated by a licensed Engineer.

A full blueprint review and custom color selection consultation with owner is held in our showroom in Jupiter, FL before plans are submitted to the local building department by RHR Pools Inc. for a permit.

Step by Step Construction Includes:

  • Pool is excavated on designated date
  • Pool steel is installed and inspected
  • Reinforced gunite shell is applied
  • Plumbing piping is installed and inspected
  • Pipes are covered up after approval and the ground is compacted by bobcat
  • Tile and any special features you added to your pool are installed
  • Inspection for bonding the deck is completed and then the deck is installed
  • Barriers, landscaping, and sod is installed
  • Pump, filter and any other purchased equipment is installed
  • Electrician hooks up equipment
  • Inspection is performed to confirm the electric and barriers are installed correctly
  • Interior finish is installed and pool is filled with water
  • Final work/ punchlist provided by owner to RHR Pools is completed
  • Owner review and operation detail with our Certified Service Technician